Ölüdeniz Summer Sun

Over the years I have heard some amazing stories about Turkey and by all accounts it became obvious that I just had to visit. I was after a quiet relaxing holiday and so Ölüdeniz quickly became a firm favourite and it wasn’t long until it was all booked and we were on our way.

Ölüdeniz is a small village in the Fethiye district renowned for its beautiful lagoon and stunning views…


IMG_4815 IMG_4951 IMG_4497

It was so lovely to relax in a place as stunning as this however we still managed to book a few trips whilst we were there and one I would strongly recommend is the trip to Saklikent Gorge. You walk through this unbelievable gorge for miles on end and after you’ve finished exploring you can go river rafting down the gorge. (NOTE: It is the coldest water you have ever experienced!)



IMG_4686 IMG_4687

So all in all Ölüdeniz did not disappoint and I would strongly recommend anyone to go and see for themselves how beautiful a country Turkey really is!

IMG_4603 IMG_4656 IMG_4657 IMG_4758 IMG_4809 IMG_4819

Emily Louise x

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