July Beauty Favourites


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1. Pantene Pro-V Deep Moisture Souffle for coloured hair

2. Seventeen Skin WOW Primer

3. Hugo Boss Femme Eau de Parfum

4. Rimmel London Kate Lasting Finish Lipstick 33

5. DIY Makeup Brush Holder

So for my next blog I’ve decided to talk about some of my favourite beauty products so far this summer.

1. My first obsession is the Pantene Pro-V Moisture Souffle. Every year on holiday my hair becomes ultra dry due to a mixture of hair dye. sun and sea water! Therefore this year I tasked myself with finding an affordable hair product that would keep my hair looking moisturised, shiny and above all, healthy.  I always use heat protective spray before I go out in the sun but I was looking for something I could apply after being out in the sun all day that could help repair dry hair. This moisture soufflé does just that! It looks a little like hair mousse and is perfect for applying to wet hair after washing. Simply apply, rub in and leave in. Once your hair is dry you can really see a huge difference, the shine is amazing!

Warning: only use a small amount as too much can easily make hair look greasy. Also, I would recommend using it once a week to begin with and then after a couple weeks only when you notice your hair becoming dry.


 2. My second July favourite is this Seventeen Skin WOW primer. It is the perfect skin pick me up and beautifully highlights your skin adding a gorgeous summer glow. You can use it as a primer or (what I prefer) is to add a tiny bit to my foundation to make my skin look brighter. I also add a few dabs extra to my cheek bones once my foundation has set. I was a little shocked at just how affordable this product is, at £5.99 it would be a crime not to try it out. Plus as you only need the tiniest amount for each use I can see this product lasting a life time!


3. As a holiday treat I decided to buy some new perfume in duty free as my Chanel has pretty much all gone, (it’s always more exciting buying things at the airport too). I always struggle to pick a perfume because I am really indecisive and always revert back to perfumes I have used before, so this time I decided to try something completely new and I am so glad I did. officially obsessed with this and think i’ll be sticking with it for a while. You can buy BOSS femme in pretty much any beauty store including boots, superdrug, house of fraser and Debenhams.


4. A few months ago I found colour 33 among the Rimmel Kate collection and typically it was sold out EVERYWHERE. After weeks of searching it took a trip to London by my friend to finally find it for me. It has since become my staple summer lipstick. It is a subtle shade of pink and not too over powering so perfect for wearing both day and night. Recently I have started seeing it back in stock in beauty stores so get in quick before it disappears again.



5. During a recent organising of my makeup I was in desperate need of a makeup brush holder and I was given the idea to try making one instead of spending money. This is simply a used yankee candle holder decorated with some miniature bunting and fancy buttons  (you can get all kinds of decorations from local stationairy stores such as Hobbycraft – usually down the card making aisle). It literally took me 2 minutes to make and it is just what I needed!!


Emily x


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